Orlando Cold Cathode Neon Lighting

"To manufacture and install the highest quality neon and cold-cathode systems possible."

This is accomplished by hiring only seasoned tube benders and providing them with only the best bending and processing machinery available.

We only use the best raw material and every step of the manufacturing process is held to the highest standards.

To further assure our customers a quality neon or cold-cathode system our products include American manufactured products,
such as:

  • E.G.L. Neon & Cold Cathode products
  • France Transformers and balast
  • Masters Technology
  • GTO Sleeving and End Caps
  • Isolantite sockets, insolaters and other ceramic products.

Owner: Jay Simon
Project Manager: Dean Stewart
Quality Control: Robert Simon
Manufacturing and Processing: Randy Whitt
AutoCad Design: Joseph Amandola

Cold Cathode has been around since the 1930s and is constantly evolving wth new phosphors, tri-phosphors, unleaded glass, more efficient electrodes and power supplies and now the latest and most efficient Edison Based Lamps.

It is our passion to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the lighting industry. Put our knowledge and experience to the test.

Orlando Neon Lighting
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