Orlando Cold Cathode Neon Lighting


We manufacture and install cold cathode & neon lighting systems. Interior and exterior architectural neon and cold cathode.
Interior cove lighting and displays.
Custom color neon, cold cathode and fluorsent lamps.


We offer our customers a 1 year warranty. The only exceptions are:

  1. Acts of GOD - Earthquake, Floods, Sink Holes, Hail Storms, etc.
  2. Acts of Terrorism

We feel that our customers deserve only the best maintenance and warranty coverage. Therefore at least once a quarter we will visually inspect and service our systems while the warranty is in place.

Additional warranty can be purchased to ensure the system continues to operate at peak effeciancy.

If an employee or customer accidentally breaks a piece of a neon display installed by our company, it will be fixed at no cost under the warranty.

We believe that when you build it better, you can back it better.

Orlando Neon Lighting
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